2013 Attendees

UK MEET 12-14 JULY 2013


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nib2Click the Nibs below to go to our Blog, where delegates are being featured in the weeks running up to the Meet. Delegates: contact Jo Myles for your turn!

flag uk2     Kate Aaron  (author)  nib2
flag netherlands     Blaine D. Arden  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Kay Berrisford  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Becky Black  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Lily G. Blunt  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Julie Bozza  (author)
flag uk2     Andrea Bramhall  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Anne Brooke (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Sue Brown  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Anna Butler  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Abby  (reader)
flag uk2     Ann Marie  (reader)
flag italy  flag swiss     Antonella  (reader)
flag germany     Calathea  (reader)
flag italy     Camila Bookwatcher (reader)
flag uk2     Caroline  (reader)
flag uk2     Stevie Carroll  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Cat  (blogger – UK Lesbian Fiction)
flag uk2     Henrietta Clarke  (author)
flag uk2     Charlie Cochrane  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     D. T. Dragon  (author)  nib2
flag usa     Olivia Duncan Craig (author)
flag uk2     Madelynne Ellis  (author)
flag france     Edwige Jenei  (reader)
flag finland     Eija  (reader)  nib2
flag italy     Emanuela “Plastic Duck” (reader) nib2
flag uk2     Eve  (reader)
flag uk2     Bruin Fisher (author)  nib2
flag usa     Jessica Freely  (author)  nib2
flag germany     Anke Gabriel  (reader)
flag uk2     Shelagh Garside  (reader)
flag italy     Giuliana  (reader)
flag australia2     Helen Beattie  (reader)
flag uk2     HJ  (reader)
flag wales     Elin Gregory (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Cari Hunter  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Mara Ismine  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Jules Jones  (author)  nib2
flag germany     Enny Kraft  (reader / Ebook Design)
flag uk2     Cathy Laird  (administrator)
flag uk2     Jan McKay (reader)
flag netherlands     Jasper  (reader)
flag uk2     Jen (Jenre)  (blogger – Well Readnib2
flag finland     Johanna  (reader)
flag uk2     Violet Joicey-Cowen  (reader)
flag uk2     Josie Goodreads (reader)  nib2
flag usa     Julyssa Diaz  (reader)
flag uk2     Kate  (reader – Kate Mason)  nib2
flag germany     Katharina  (reader)  nib2
flag uk2     Kazzi  (reader)
flag ireland     Kelly McGrath  (reader)  nib2
flag uk2     Kelly Birch  (reader)  nib2
flag uk2     Daniel Kaine  (author)  nib2
flag canada     Ashlyn Kane  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Danni Keane  (author)
flag usa     Amber Kell  (author)
flag uk2     Jessie Lansdel  (author)  nib2
flag netherlands     Larissa  (blogger) nib2
flag uk2     Lavinia Lewis  (author)
flag usa     Augusta Li  (author)
flag wales     Sandra Lindsey  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Liam Livings  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Clare London  (author)  nib2
flag usa     Pearl Love  (author)  nib2
flag germany     Lilli  (reader)
flag uk2     Liz Madrox  (reader)
flag uk2     Macky  (reader)
flag germany  flag usa   Mandy (reader)
flag germany  flag uk2    Mark  (reader)
flag uk2     Misa  (reader)  nib2
flag wales     Monique  (blogger – Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews)
flag norway     nordicgirl_2013  (reader – Hanne)  nib2
flag uk2     Anna Martin  (author)  nib2
flag usa     Belinda McBride  (author)  nib2 (withdrawn, with regrets)
flag poland     Kat Merikan  (author / K.A. Merikan) nib2
flag poland     Agnes Merikan  (author / K. A. Merikan) nib2
flag uk2     J. L. Merrow  (author) nib2
flag uk2     Josephine Myles  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     Victoria Oldham, Bold Strokes Books (publisher)
flag uk2     Petronella Bond  (reader)  nib2
flag uk2     Amy Rae Durreson  (author)
flag italy     Elisa Rolle  (reviewer/blogger) GUEST SPEAKER
flag uk2     Jay Rookwood  (author)
flag uk2     Sara  (reader)
flag uk2     Sarah  (reader)  nib2
flag uk2     Sue  (reader)
flag usa     Susan  (reader – Susan Lee)  nib2
flag usa     Beau Schemery  (author)
flag uk2     R. J. Scott  (author)  nib2
flag usa     Marie Sexton  (author)  GUEST SPEAKER
flag usa     Rowan Speedwell  (author)  nib2
flag uk2     E. J. Sutter  (author)  nib2
flag usa     Ariel Tachna  (author / Dreamspinner Press)
flag uk2     Melanie Tushmore  (author)  nib2  (withdrawn, with regrets)
flag germany     Uli  (reader)
flag usa     Piper Vaughn  (author)  nib2
flag germany     Aleksandr Voinov  (author / Riptide Publishingnib2
flag uk2     Robyn Walker  (author)
flag uk2     K. C. Wells  (author)
flag uk2     Robbie Whyte  (author)
flag uk2     Jane Wilkinson  (reader)
flag uk2     Lisa Worrall  (author)  nib2
flag usa     L. A. Witt  (author)
flag uk2     Serena Yates  (author)