2013 Meet Reports

UK MEET 12-14 JULY 2013


Share your stories of your visit to the UK Meet by emailing a link or details to one of the committee.
And ENJOY the reports so far!

rainbow-platform-bootsOne of the Buffer of Banter topics was writing a flash fiction story. We’re proud to publish “George and Philip” HERE and “Sparkling” HERE, so everyone can see how wonderfully our attendees cope under pressure :).



An overview by the Organising team at Reviews by Jessewave

J. L. Merrow

Josephine Myles: here and here

R. J. Scott

K. A. Merikan

Elisa Rolle

Jenre at Well Read: here and here

Julie Bozza

Liam Livings: parts 1 | 2 | 34

Stevie Carroll

Daniel Kaine

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