2014 Entertainment – Saturday


We have arranged dinner for the event on Saturday night in the hotel’s attractive Palm Court restaurant.
This is a private event just for the UK Meet attendees and we hope many of you will want to join us, to continue the chatting and networking over dinner!


There will be a three course dinner plus coffee, all provided. The dress code is: whatever you feel fabulous in!
The price is £27.50 including service.

As in previous years, we hope to be able to accommodate spouses and friends who accompany attendees, but we would ask you to get in contact with us before booking. There is a maximum capacity in the restaurant and we want to make sure there are places for as many of our attendees who want to come.

eddieadamsxxxxxx songbirds

As part of the evening’s programme, we hope you will be entertained by our performers:
* our celebrated drag act and singer, Eddie Odd-Kin Adams, who offers the best in the insanely fabulous world of burlesque. Has been described as ‘the life of the party’, ‘a consummate professional’ and ‘simply breathtaking.
* the Songbirds Choir, an “exciting, grassroots choir established for lesbian, bi, trans&queer women in South Wales who love singing. Committed to diversity, good music and fun.” You can find out all about them at Facebook and Tumblr.

The Songbirds set has been sponsored by Manifold Press.

AND … for Friday’s event, please see the details HERE.
It’s a great way to break the ice and meet old and new friends, before joining the programme on Saturday!