2014 pictures

clare jo kj Clare London / Josephine Myles / KJ Charles

clare dani Clare London / Dani Elle

giftbags Swag from BoysInOurBooks

susan rachel Susan Lee/ Rachel Maybury

clare jcp Clare London / Jordan Castillo Price

drag Eddy Adams – our Saturday night entertainment

sofa JL Merrow / Jo Myles / Mark (Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews) / Jay Northcote)

anyta Susan Lee / Anyta Sunday

ka1 K. A. Merikan (both of them! x)

london Clare London / Susan Lee

charlie Charlie Cochrane

kj harper KJ Charles / Harper Fox

garrett Garrett Leigh – honest!

goodies The fabulous UK Meet swag bag!

wcp Wilde City, one of our marvellous sponsors

mints the legendary “Muse-flavoured” Clare London candy

annabelle jay rachel Annabelle Jacobs / Jay Northcote / Rachel Maybury

alwx jay fabio Jay Northcote talking inspiration for fiction (*g*)

sofa 2 JL Merrow / Jo Myles / Mark / Jay Northcote / Petronella

gr Hanne / Susan / Mandy *reads obsessively* / Anke

julie at manifold table Julie Bozza at the Manifold Press table, another of our fabulous sponsors

me-and-Tina-Lein-UK-Meet-2014-500 Julie Bozza / Tina (Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews)

taylin louise Taylin Clavelli / Louise Lyons

louise jay Louise Lyons / Jay Northcote

bristol cathedral Bristol Cathedral

muties Jo Myles + Clare London take mutual selfies 🙂

jcp patrick val max Jordan Castillo Price / Patrick Darcy / Val Hughes / Max Vos

charlie2 Charlie Cochrane and an alcoholic strawberry friend 🙂

Patrick-Darcy-2014-06-08-001-300x225 Patrick Darcy

dinner_venue_master_of_ceremonies_Liam_Livings1-300x225 Palm Court restaurant

richard clare Richard / Clare London

max butlers








Max Vos and two of our esteemed “Butlers”


marc butler










Marc (Rainbow Gold Reviews) and a Butler 🙂



val patrick jcp





Val (Wilde City Press) / Patrick Darcy / Jordan Castillo Price







one of the panels


jcp belinda





Jordan Castillo Price / Belinda McBride (a Guest Speaker)


5 thoughts on “2014 pictures

  1. bruinfisher

    Next year can we have more of….(thinks… everything was pretty well perfect this year so would could be improved?)… more of…. I know: butlers!

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