2014 reports


from Beverley, at Prism Book Alliance
“I learned so much this weekend about people, authors, publishers and most of all myself. I made wonderful friends who I miss already and can’t wait to see next year.”


From Susan Lee, at Boys In Our Books

“I think what the UK Meet manages to do is really generate an environment of comfort and inclusiveness. Introverts and extroverts, authors and readers, Brits and non-Brits alike all gather and pretty much all differences are left at the door. For meals, for coffee breaks, for panels, for events, everyone does it all together. And there’s something really cool about that “shared experience”.”


And from other marvellous attendees:


Louise Lyons

Julie Bozza

Mara Ismine – a series of posts with panel details

J. L. Merrow


Megan Reddaway

Dani Elle

Clare London – at Rainbow Romance Writers blog

D. T. Dragon

“I do judge the UK Meet, though, on how amazingly organised it is, and how approachable people are. Everybody there is safe… Everyone is free to share their knowledge and belief.”

Liam Livings – Part 1 / Part 2

In the comments: “The whole event was fantastic, from the welcome in the lobby, the hotel staff, the Friday evening food and entertainment, well the list just goes on and on. This whole group of people are like the family you choose, we are all different but all valuable within ‘our’ community. Thank you for helping to create such a wonderful atmosphere.”

“I’ll admit, I was really nervous to be around so many ‘big names’ but by Saturday evening all the nerves were gone and I was able to completely relax and enjoy myself. You were a great host not just Saturday night, but throughout the weekend. The fact you and the crew made sure everything ran on schedule, that you were able to make sure everyone got heard, that everyone’s voices carried equal weight — those are real achievements.”

ElisaCropElisa Rolle’s presentation about the Rainbow Awards


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