2015 Attendees

UK MEET 12-13 SEPT 2015


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rainbow-star-100 Attendees with this flag have a SPOTLIGHT place and will have the opportunity to share their swag and samples of their work in your souvenir tote bag, and also meet you/sign books/sell and promote their blogs or industry services at their featured spot during the book signing.

flag uk2 Abby (reader)
flag australia2 A. B. Gayle (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 flag poland Agnes  (author / K. A. Merikanrainbow-star-100
flag usa A. J. Rose (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Aleksandr Voinov  (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Alex Jane (reader)
flag romania Alina Popescu (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Allan Jay (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag usa Amber Kell (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Amelia Faulkner (reader)
flag uk2 Amy Rae Durreson (reader)
flag germany Ana J Phoenix (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag germany Anke Gabriel (reader)
flag uk2 Annabelle Jacobs (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Anna Butler (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Anna Martin  (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Anna Sikorska (reader)
flag uk2 AnnMarie O’Callaghan (reader)
flag italy flag swiss Antonella (reader)
flag germany flag NZ Anyta Sunday (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag germany Astrid Ohletz (publisher at Ylva Publishingrainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Becky Black (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag usa Belinda McBride (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag netherlands Blaine D. Arden (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Bruin Fisher (author)
flag germany Calathea (reader)
flag uk2 Carole-ann Galloway (associate editor and representative of Riptide Publishing)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Carole-Ann Warburton (reader)
flag uk2 Caroline Duffy (reader)
flag belgium3 flag italy Catherine Lievens (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Cathy Laird (administrator)
flag uk2 Ceri Sell (reader)
flag st g Charlie Cochrane (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Chris Quinton (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Clare London (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Dan Burgess (photographer)  rainbow-star-100
flag germany Daniela Hüge (reader)
flag netherlands Dani Elle (reader/reviewer Love Bytesrainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Daniel A. Kaine  (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Dawn Mayhew (reader)
flag uk2 Dawn Sister (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag france flag uk2 Edwige Jenei  (reader)
flag finland Eija  (reader)
flag wales Elin Gregory (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag italy Elisa Rolle (reviewer/blogger)  rainbow-star-100
flag usa Elizabeth North (Executive Director, Dreamspinner Pressrainbow-star-100 GUEST SPEAKER
flag italy Emanuela “Plastic Duck” (reader)
flag germany Feliz Faber (author / reviewer)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Fiona Pickles (editor-in-chief and representative of Manifold Press)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2
Garrett Leigh (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 George Loveland (reader)
flag italy Giuliana (reader)
flag uk2 Hannah Thompson (reader)
flag norway Hanne (reader)
flag sweden flag swiss Hans Hirschi (author and publisher at yareerainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Hayley (reader and representative of Dreamspinner Press)
flag norway Helen Jacobsen (reader)
flag netherlands  flag ireland Helena Stone (reader)
flag uk2 Henrietta Clarke  (author)
flag nigeria flag uk2 Ijeoma  (reader)
flag uk2 Imogen Howson  (author and representative of Samhain Publishing)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 J. A. Gordon (reader)
flag uk2 Jane Wilkinson (reader)
flag uk2 Jay Northcote  (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Jay Rookwood (reader)
flag uk2 J. L. Merrow (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Joanna Chambers (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag finland Johanna  (reader)
flag uk2 Josephine Myles (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Josie Goodreads (reader)
flag usa J.P. Kenwood (author)  rainbow-star-100
AUS flag uk2 Julie Bozza (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 flag poland Kat  (author / K. A. Merikanrainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Kate Aaron (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Kazzi (reader)
flag canada K.C. (reader)
flag uk2 K. C. Wells  (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Kellie Dennis (artist – Book Cover By Designrainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Kirsty Vizard  (reader and P.A.)
flag uk2 K. J. Charles (author)  rainbow-star-100  GUEST SPEAKER
flag uk2 Kristen Slater (reader)
flag uk2 Lane Swift (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag belgium flag usa Laura R  (reader)
flag uk2 Lea Connor (reader)
flag uk2 Lee Yates (reader)
flag uk2 Liam Livings (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag germany Lilli (reader)
flag uk2 Lillian Francis (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Lily G. Blunt (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Liz (reader)
flag usa Lloyd A Meeker (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 L. M. Somerton  (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag usa Lori Witt (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Lorraine Kelly of Kelly Clemmons (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Louise Lyons (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag usa Lynn Lorenz (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag usa Lynn West (Editor in Chief, Dreamspinner Press)
flag uk2 Macky (reader/reviewer Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews)
flag usa flag germany Mandy *reads obsessively* (reader/reviewer Hearts On Fire Reviews)
flag uk2 Mara Ismine (reader)
flag germany Marc Fleischhauer (reader/reviewer Rainbow Gold Reviewsrainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Marchia (reader)
flag netherlands Mari Evans (reader)
flag uk2 flag germany Mark (reader/reviewer – Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews)
flag canada M. C. Houle (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Megan Reddaway  (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Melandra Anne Ford  (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Meredith Russell (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Monique Lehane – (reader/reviewer Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews)
flag uk2 Morgan Cheshire (author and representative of Manifold Press)
flag uk2 Nephylim  (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag wales Pauline Pyejammies (reader)
flag usa Paul Wright (reader)
flag uk2 Penny Rogers (Editor – Penndragon Press)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Petronella Ford (reader)
flag uk2 Rachel Maybury  (reader)
flag uk2 flag swiss Rebecca Cohen  (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Rebecca Scott (representative of Pride Publishing)
flag uk2 Rhys Christopher Ethan (author) rainbow-star-100
flag usa Rhys Ford (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 R. J. Scott (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag netherlands Rudi Van Es (reader)
flag uk2 Ruth Cox (reader)
flag uk2 Sally Vardon (reader)
flag uk2 Sam Evans (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag wales Sandra Lindsey (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Sara (reader)
flag uk2 Sarah Smeaton (representative of Pride Publishing)
flag uk2 Shannon West (author) rainbow-star-100
flag ireland Shaun Young (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 flag netherlands Serena Yates (author/reviewer Rainbow Book Reviewsrainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Stacey Harding (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Stevie Carroll (author/reviewer)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Sue Brown (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Suki Fleet (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag usa Susan (reader/reviewer – Boys in our booksrainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Susan Mac Nicol (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Tab Kimpton (artist – Khaos Komix)  rainbow-star-100
flag austria2015 Tanja (reader/reviewer Rainbow Gold Reviews)
flag uk2 T. A. Moore (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Taylin Clavelli (author and representative of Wayward Ink Publishing)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Temple Dragon  (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Teodora Kostova (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 T. J. Masters (author / Life Coach / BDSM coach)  rainbow-star-100
flag germany Uli (reader)
flag uk2 Victoria Milne (author)
flag uk2 Violet Joicey-Cowen  (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag uk2 Xanthe Walter (author)  rainbow-star-100
flag netherlands flag norway Yvonne (reader)