2015 Saturday



We have arranged dinner for Saturday night in the hotel’s attractive Palm Court restaurant.
This is a private event just for the UK Meet attendees and we hope many of you will want to join us, to continue the chatting and networking over dinner.

NOTE: have you been allocated a place and need to pay? Please find the relevant Paypal button HERE.

Booking Info: please note AS OF JULY 2015 very few places remain.



The Palm Court Menu Choices can be found HERE.
There will be a three course dinner plus coffee, all provided. The dress code is: whatever you feel fabulous in!
The price is £35.00 including service.
After you’ve registered, we’ll send you an email, asking you to choose from the menu in advance of the weekend, and also let us know any specific dietary requirements. The hotel was very good at catering to these, from our 2014 experience.

Saturday’s Entertainment:


As part of the evening’s programme, we hope you will be entertained by our performers:
*  drag act and singer, Mary G. “This larger than life character … ( the drag queen)… doesn’t hold back, and when she struts her stuff everyone knows about it. She’s always the star of the show, but even our drag act knows whose day it really is. She’s going to make your party feel like the fabulous people we all know you are.”
*  Sing Out Bristol, the “South West’s award-winning Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Choir…In 2013, we celebrated our fifth birthday with the Our Favourite Things concert at the Victoria Rooms in Bristol, where over 70 members of the choir performed our favourite songs from the past five years performances to a packed audience, along with some new numbers (including Our Favourite Songs from the Sound Of Music – we just couldn’t resist!). Today, we have a hugely diverse membership, with people of all ages, orientations, abilities, genders and backgrounds coming together on a weekly basis to sing, socialise, and connect.”
* and back by popular request (!), we will be served for a while during the evening by some of our favourite butlers….

clare butlers





IMPORTANT INFO: There is a maximum capacity in the restaurant that we cannot exceed. Places will be offered as follows, and in this order:

(Stage 1) Early registration for UK Meet attendees ONLY, through the mailing list, exclusively for TWO WEEKS.
(Stage 2) Then registration will open for attendees and spouses/companions travelling with an attendee.
(Stage 3) Payment will be required promptly.

PLEASE watch your emails for info on early notification and registration.
***16 JUNE 2015: Stage 2 general registration is open, and payments being requested***

Important Note: we cannot guarantee that spouses/companions will get a ticket, even if you register early for one for yourself. However we recommend that you register for a ticket for yourself as early as you can, then be alert for the open registration. Early registrations can be cancelled, if no longer required.

As alternatives, the hotel has its own fine guest restaurant, plus there are plenty of places nearby to eat outside of the hotel.