2016 Attendees

UK MEET 2016



Spotlight Author means this attendee has a Spotlight place, and will be available to chat to you / sell books + services / sign books during our Spotlight sessions on Saturday.

Any queries about your listing? Please contact Clare.


Abby Reader UK
Abi Roux Author Spotlight Author USA
AE Ryecart Author Spotlight Author UK
Agnes Merikan Author Spotlight Author UKPoland
Alex Jane Author Spotlight Author UK
Alyson Pearce Reader UK
Amy Rae Durreson Author  Spotlight Author UK
Anna Butler Author Spotlight Author UK
Anna Martin Author Spotlight Author UK
Anna Tiferet Sikorska Cover designer Spotlight Author UK
Annabelle Jacobs Author Spotlight Author UK
Annalisa Fitzgerald Reader UK
Anne Y Reader Norway
Ann-Marie O’Callahan Reader UK
Annie B Reader Germany
Annika Reader Germany
antonella Antonella Reader SwitzerlandItaly
Astrid Ohletz Managing Director of Ylva Publishing Spotlight Author Germany
avylinnwinter Avylinn Winter Author Sweden
Barbara Elsborg Author Spotlight Author UK
Becky Black Author Spotlight Author UK
Beni Gee Reader UK
bjwilliams BJ Williams Reader UK
Blaine D. Arden Author Spotlight Author Netherlands
Brad Tanner Brad Tanner Author Spotlight Author UK
Brandilyn Carpenter Representative of Prism Book Alliance Spotlight Author USA
Bruin Fisher Author UK
Calathea Reader Germany
Carole-Ann Reader UK
Cathy Laird Administrator UK
CC Reader UK
Ceri Sell Reader UK
Charlie Cochrane Author Spotlight Author UK
Cheryl Headford Author Spotlight Author UK
Chimeme Pratt Reader UK
Chris McHart Author Spotlight Author Germany
Chris Quinton Author Spotlight Author UK
Clare London Author Spotlight Author UK
Dan Burgess Photographer Spotlight Author UK
Dani Elle Maas Reader/Reviewer at Love Bytes Reviews Spotlight Author Netherlands
Daniela Hüge Representative of Ylva Publishing Germany
David Reader Canada
David Dawson Reader UK
David Hawk Reader USA
dawnsister Dawn Sister Author Spotlight Author UK
Derek Farrell Author Spotlight Author UK
Edwige Jenei Reader UKFrance
Eija Reader Finland
Eli Easton Author Spotlight Author USA
Elin Gregory Author Spotlight Author Wales
elisarolle Elisa Rolle Reviewer/Blogger Spotlight Author Italy
Emanuela Plastic Duck Reader Italy
Emma C Reader UK
Fiona Rachel Warner Reader UK
G Benson Author Spain
Garrett Leigh Author Spotlight Author UK
George Loveland Author Spotlight Author UK
Guiliana Reader Italy
Hannah Reader UK
Hanne Reader Norway
Hans M Hirschi Author Spotlight Author SwedenSwitzerland
Hayley Petersen Representative of Dreamspinner Press Spotlight Author Canada
Hélen Reader Norway
Helen Juliet Reader UK
Helena Stone Author Spotlight Author Ireland
Ije Reader UKNigeria
Jan Reader UK
Jane W Reader UK
Jason Reader Canada
Jay Northcote Author Spotlight Author UK
Jay Rookwood Reader UK
Jen Reader UK
Jeri Hawkins Reader USA
JL Merrow Author Spotlight Author UK
Joanne Reader UK
Johanna Reader Finland
Jordan L Hawk Author Spotlight Author USA
Josephine Myles Author Spotlight Author UK
JT Cheyanne Author Spotlight Author USA
Julie Bozza Author Spotlight Author UKAustralia
Kat Merikan Author Spotlight Author UKPoland
KC Wells Author Spotlight Author UK
Kellie Dennis Book Cover Designer Spotlight Author UK
KJ Charles Author Spotlight Author UK
Lane Swift Author Spotlight Author UK
LauraR Reader USABelgium
Lea Connor Reader UK
Liam Livings Author Spotlight Author UK
Lilli Reader Germany
Lillian Francis Author Spotlight Author UK
Lily G Blunt Author Spotlight Author UK
Linda O’Keeffe Reader Ireland
Lisa M Reader UK
Lori Witt Author Spotlight Author USA
Louisa Mae Reader UK
Mara Ismine Reader UK
Marchia Reader UK
Marieke van Es Reader Netherlands
Mark Wills Reader/Reviewer at Sinfully MM Book Reviews GermanyUK
Mary Reader UK
May Raymond Author UK
Meredith Russell Author Spotlight Author UK
Michael Dawson Reader UK
Monique Lehane Reader/Reviewer at Sinfully MM Book Reviews UK
Nicole Colville Author Spotlight Author UK
Noemi Reader UK
Noemie Tajedler Author / Representative Interlude Press Spotlight Author France
Paul Wright Reader USA
paulinepjs Pauline Pyejammies Reader Wales
Petronella Reader UK
pointycat Reader UK
Rachel Reader UK
Rebecca Cohen Author Spotlight Author SwitzerlandUK
RJ Scott Author Spotlight Author UK
Robbie Whyte Author Spotlight Author UK
rubymoone Ruby Moone Author Spotlight Author UK
Rudi van Es Reader Netherlands
SA Meade Author Spotlight Author UK
Sabrina Reader Germany
Sam Evans Author UK
S A McAuley (Sam) Author Spotlight Author USA
Selina Kray Author Spotlight Author Canada
Shannon West Author Spotlight Author USA
Shaun Young Reader UK
Steve Fisher Reader UK
steviecarroll Stevie Carroll Author/Reviewer at The Good, the Bad, and the Unread Spotlight Author UK
Sue Brown Author/Representative of UK Gay Romance Spotlight Author UK
Suki Fleet Author Spotlight Author UK
Susan Mac Nicol Author Spotlight Author UK
Suzanne Burke Reader/Reviewer at Books Laid Bare Boys Spotlight Author UK
Suzey Ingold Author UK
Tamara Reader UK
Tab Kimpton Artist Spotlight Author UK
Taylin Clavelli Author UK
Temple Dragon Author Spotlight Author UK
Teya Martin Author Spotlight Author UK
TJ Klune Author Spotlight Author USA
TJ Masters Author Spotlight Author UK
Toni Ward Reader UK
Uli Reader Germany
V L Moon Author Spotlight Author UK
Victoria Villasenor Author and Representative of Bold Stroke Books Spotlight Author UK
Victoria Milne Author UK
Violet Joicey-Cowen Author UK
Yvonne (Yvonne Reads) Reader Norway flag netherlands