Bold Strokes Books


Bold Strokes Books brings together a multi-talented team with decades of experience in the world of independent publishing. We not only have first-hand knowledge of the product and the market, we have the expertise to make your publishing experience the rewarding process it should be. This is our primary goal.

Bold Strokes Books offers a diverse collection of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer fiction. BSB genre fiction includes all romance sub-genres as well as action, adventure, crime, mystery/intrigue, and speculative fiction. BSB Victory (Lesbian) and Liberty (GBT) Editions include literary and popular general fiction exploring the LGBT experience in its many forms. BSB Matinee Books are all about romances: focused reads presenting passion, sexual attraction, and compelling connections in a tightly written, engaging package. Our Young Adult line, BSB Soliloquy, spans all genres and features a protagonist aged 14-18. BSB HeatStroke offers erotica for every pleasure while BSB Impressions, our digital-first line, presents cutting-edge stories in all genres.


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