Manifold Press


Manifold Press
We publish LGBTQIA fiction and romance with plot – mystery, adventure etc. – set
either in the present or the historical past or in alternate versions of them,
sometimes with a supernatural twist. If you like your e-books the way you like
your coffee* – whether short and dark, hot and steamy, or rich and indulgent –
you’ll find something to suit your taste here.
A UK-based Press specialising in historical LGBTQ+ fiction, we are currently in the
middle of a substantial re-organisation and relaunch following the return – long-planned but deeply regretted by us – of our colleague Julie Bozza to her
homeland of Australia, and the semi-retirement of some of our other stalwart
Farah Mendlesohn will be in the chair from now on; an academic and non-fiction
author with a formidable track record – particularly in science fiction – Farah is
also the author of SPRING FLOWERING , a novel of lesbian
relationships set in early nineteenth-century Birmingham.
Fiona Pickles – who has been writing and editing under various names since the
late 1970s and just doesn’t know when to give up – will be staying on to help out
for at least the first year, to give the new team a chance to get established.
Our commitment to supporting our authors and readers remains unchanged, and
so does our commitment to quality. We look forward to sharing many more
fictional adventures with you in the years to come.
Contact Farah at or Fiona at more information, or see our website at
(* tea drinkers and lovers of other beverages – hot or cold – are also


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