Totally Bound



We’ve recently refreshed our branding and moved our name from Total-E-Bound to Totally Bound. But we’re no newcomers to the business of ePublishing.

We were established back in 2006 and we’ve been busy producing and supplying the very best Erotic Romance in the market ever since.

The team at Totally Bound Publishing provide a unique service to our authors and readers. We are a royalty paying, full-service ePublisher. This means that there are no fees to the author to become published with us.

Brought together by a mutual love of outstanding Erotic Romance Fiction, we offer a mass of business experience in the form of editors, artists, marketeers, IT technicians and support staff to meet all of your needs. We love what we do and are totally dedicated, committed and loyal to providing the best service that we can to our authors and our readers.




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