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About Xcite Books:

Xcite Books produce a fabulous range of erotic fiction as print and ebooks that have gained international recognition for their quality, diversity and positive attitude towards relationships and sexuality. The company is based in the UK but now has distribution in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Xcite Books – Our Core Values and Imprints

  • We believe that reading or listening to erotic fiction can enhance your sex life as it stimulates desire and adds new themes into a relationship. Enjoying happy, healthy sex is life-enhancing and our books aim to help people celebrate and explore their sexuality in a safe, consensual way.
  • You can trust Xcite Books as they are written to specific guidelines and professionally edited to ensure high standards and that all content is consensual and legal.

The company offers three erotic book ranges:

The Secret Library:

With discreet covers and novella length stories this range offers fiction for those readers who like strong characterisation and a more developed relationship together with explicit, passionate sex.

Xcite Range:

Aimed at women and couples, Xcite offers a comprehensive range of mainstream short story anthologies and erotic novels with mixed and varied themes. These may include some mild bdsm elements, multiple partners, and gay and lesbian themes.

Xtrm Range:

The Xtrm range offers explicit BDSM and fetish themes where the endurance of pain or humiliation leads to sexual gratification. Other themes may include submission and domination, bondage and personal punishment. All content is consensual but characters may be pushed beyond their natural comfort zone.

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