Ticket Types / all terms+conditions


There is a choice of weekend tickets to match your requirements. Please study the choices below carefully before paying. You can up/downgrade at a later date if needs be, but we appreciate all those who already know what they need!

Please DO NOT contact us privately about tickets. If you are on our mailing list, you will hear about it all soon, and the details will be updated here on the website.
If you are NOT on the mailing list, see why you should consider it HERE, and join HERE.

EVERY ticket includes:
* ALL the panels and discussions during the weekend
* ALL refreshments and lunch on both days
* The now-legendary UK Meet tote bag, full of promotional gifts from the authors and publishers, and a USB stick full of free fiction.
* A programme in both paper and downloadable format.
* A casual but welcoming meet-n-greet event on Friday afternoon at the venue for attendees who arrive early.

OTHER SOCIAL EVENTS over the weekend may be organised and will be advertised and paid for separately. Details will appear in your newsletter.

* Payment buttons at Paypal will be provided for your convenience on the Registration page. Paypal allows you to pay either from your Paypal balance – if you have an account – or by Credit/Debit card (if you’re not sure how this works? see the screen guide HERE).
* You can also pay directly through Paypal to ukmeet@yahoo.co.uk.
* If you wish to discuss any other method of payment, please contact Clare, the Treasurer.
* Payment must be made in STERLING, but Paypal will automatically convert your funds if you pay from a currency balance.

“I don’t have a Paypal account, how can I pay?”
You can still use the buttons: Paypal will allow you to pay EITHER by account or by credit/debit card. If you can’t see how this works, please look at the guide HERE.

ticket is available for all.
SPOTLIGHT ticket costs more but is available for those attendees who’d like to take up promotional opportunities. This includes anyone who wants to promote at the event i.e. authors / cover artists / comic book artists / bloggers / reviewers etc.

* Single day tickets MAY be available depending on numbers but, for your information, the last three events have sold out of all places at full weekend rates.

A General ticket offers you everything listed above.
A Spotlight ticket
offers you all that as well, BUT ALSO:
* space in the gift bag given to all attendees for a selection of your promotional goods,
* 10mb of space on the USB stick for your promotion and/or free fiction samples,
* space at the Author Signing event during the weekend,
* mention in the Meet programme and the opportunity to be featured on the UK Meet website/blog.


ALL TICKETS must be paid in full by XXXX. At that date, if you haven’t paid, your place will be allocated BY US to the next person waiting.

There is an EARLY BIRD discounted price if you BOOK AND PAY IN FULL before XXXX.
GENERAL ticket at £xxx / SPOTLIGHT AT £xxx.

You can pay the whole balance on registration. It guarantees your place, and will make all our lives easier! However, if you prefer, you can pay a MINIMUM DEPOSIT of £xx, this will guarantee your ticket ASSUMING you pay the balance by the deadline.
You will NOT qualify for the Early Bird discount on the balance payment unless you pay the balance by XXXX. If you pay the balance after this date, it will be at the non-discounted price.

The deposit is non-refundable, whether or not you subsequently attend the event.

Ticket prices will revert to:

You must take responsibility for arranging the balance of your ticket price before the relevant deadline, although reminders will be sent in the newsletters.

* The deposit is always non-refundable.
* If for some reason you can’t attend, but have already paid your ticket price in full, your amount less £xx may be refundable at the discretion of the Team.
* If you haven’t paid your balance, we will just take you off the list of attendees.
* We will pass on to you any Paypal fees we suffer for a refund.

Tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE at any time.
Because the event has been over-subscribed in the past, and because of our commitment to allocating tickets on a strictly first-come basis, we can’t allow any transfer of tickets.
If you can’t come, or choose not to come, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will arrange for your place to go to the next applicant, or to the next person on our waiting list.