Why attend?


  • UK Meet does what it says in its name. It’s primarily intended as an opportunity to network – professionally and/or socially – with like-minded people who love GLBTQ books in a range of genres, not just romance.
  • Each event is unique. We don’t set quotas of authors/readers/bloggers/etc, basing everything on a first-come first served basis. And by some miracle we always end up with a great mix of people and interests.
  • We focus on creating a safe and respectful place. For example, for those delegates who don’t want to be pictured on social media, you will have a different coloured lanyard to identify you as someone who doesn’t want their photo taken.


  • Meet your writer friends, reader fans and industry professionals face to face in one friendly place. Take the opportunity to share that piece of breaking news, or ask that difficult plotting question you didn’t want to email about. You can use the time to set up your own critique and writing networks and spark ideas off each other about your next project. Or just chill and chat.
  • The meet has an inclusive atmosphere where peer to peer support is positively encouraged, and aspiring writers can have the time to rub shoulders with more experienced writers and publishers in a safe space.
  • As well as a good gossip with friends and fans, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills and take part in the discussions and panels. These address skills you can take home to improve your writing and develop your writing career. You can find out what readers are interested in, and gain more inspiration for your next project.
  • We have links with the main publishers in the genre, so the Meet will give you an opportunity to talk directly to interested parties and network with publishers.
  • While the Meet is not primarily a selling or signing event, there will be an opportunity to sell and promote books for those who sign up to the appropriate delegate or sponsorship package.


  • Meet your favourite authors and fellow readers all in one friendly intimate place. Supplement your reading fun by talking to authors, finding out what they’re really like in person, and asking them about their stories, and of course getting the odd autograph. Re-visit old friends, and have the opportunity to make new ones. The Meet will remind you that you’re not alone in loving the niche genre that you do, and you can help to build the online community for this fiction. There are also plenty of opportunities for socialising and fun in the evenings, and also during the day between the panels.
  • We are committed to – and welcome – activities and discussions that focus on non-author stuff, for example discussing reader-specific issues and getting your viewpoint about the books you love.
  • We welcome (with open arms!) readers to act as panellists or moderators.


  • We have a range of sponsorship opportunities, to give your brand focussed exposure to receptive readers. When compared to traditional advertising, our sponsorship packages represent excellent value for money.
  • The Meet can give you a chance to reach your existing authors in person, strengthening their loyalty, discussing new ideas, or works in progress. You will also get the chance to meet new authors and take pitches if you want to. Even with an increasing element of online and email communication, there’s still something very human about seeing someone face to face.
  • The Meet will give you access to readers so you can speak directly to your customers and find out what sort of books they’re looking to read next.
  • While the Meet is not primarily a selling or signing event, there will be an opportunity to sell and promote books, within the appropriate sponsorship package (see link below).


  • The Meet will remind you that you’re not alone loving and working in the genre you’re involved in. Nothing quite beats meeting fellow fans, authors and industry professionals face to face.
  • We often have panels that deal with cover art, reviews, use of social media, etc, and welcome input – particularly as panellists or moderators – from every part of the community.
  • While the Meet is not primarily a selling or signing event, there will be an opportunity to sell and promote your services, within the appropriate sponsorship or delegate package.

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