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  • The event is focussed on the GLBTQ section of the market including romance and other genres, so will give you a targeted opportunity to meet both fellow writers and readers in one place, and to relax in the knowledge they are all fans of your genre.
  • For those writers who don’t want to be identified on social media, you will have a different coloured lanyard to help protect your identity.
  • Meet your writer friends, and reader fans all in one friendly intimate place, rather than travelling all over the world.
  • The intimate nature of the meet makes for easy networking between delegates. There are also plenty of opportunities for socialising between more structured sessions.
  • You have the opportunity to meet writer and reader friends you’ve made online. Take the opportunity to share that piece of breaking news, or ask that difficult plotting question you didn’t want to email about. You can use the face to face time to set up your own critique and writing networks and spark ideas off each other about your next project.
  • The meet has an inclusive atmosphere where peer to peer support is positively encouraged, and aspiring writers can have the time to rub shoulders with more experienced writers and publishers in a friendly safe space.
  • As well as a good gossip with friends and fans, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills and take part in the discussions and panels. These address skills you can take home to improve your writing and develop your writing career.
  • As the Meet is for writers and readers of GLBTQ fiction, you’ll have a unique chance to meet fans, talk about your work, and strengthen your author brand, which can lead to increased sales of your work. Meeting readers face to face is an important supplement to an online profile and strengthens it much quicker than blogging yourself to death. It is a much more powerfully targeted way to reach your readers, compared to traditional advertising. You can find out what readers are interested in, and gain more inspiration for your next project.
  • We have links with the main publishers in the genre, so the Meet will give you an opportunity to talk directly to interested parties, network with publishers and create publishing partnerships.