X For bloggers



  • The Meet will give you an opportunity to meet friends you’ve made online.
  • You can meet authors you’ve reviewed books about, you can ask them questions you wouldn’t want to post on discussion forums and have the opportunity to see what the author is like in real life.
  • You can meet your blogger friends, all in one friendly intimate place, rather than travelling all over the world.
  • The event is focussed on the GLBTQ section of the market including romance and other genres, so will give you a targeted opportunity to meet fellow bloggers, authors and readers in one place.
  • For those bloggers who don’t want to be identified on social media, you will have a different colourer lanyard to help protect your identity.
  • You can make a weekend or longer holiday of it, travelling with other reader fans from across the world, meet old friends in person, strengthen friendships forged online at the Meet in person, and have the opportunity to make new ones . The Meet will remind you that you’re not alone loving the niche genre you do, and build the online community for this fiction.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to buy a selection of books from your favourite and new authors. Think of it like an in person version of ‘other customers who bought this, also bought this.’ You can supplement your reading fun by talking to authors, asking them about their stories, and of course gaining the odd autograph!
  • Have a fun weekend out with likeminded people in a fabulous city.