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  • You will have a range of sponsorship opportunities, which will give your brand excellent exposure to receptive readers, reducing waste. When compared to traditional advertising, our sponsorship packages represent excellent value for money with minimal wastage.
  • The Meet can give you a chance to reach your existing authors in person, strengthening their loyalty, discussing new ideas, or works in progress. This face to face interaction can help encourage better retention within your publishing house, and offers the opportunity to develop their careers successfully via one to one mentoring.
  • The UK Meet has grown in delegate numbers since its first year, and is at present fixed at 150 delegates, giving you increased yet still personal reach with reader and authors in this genre.
  • It can also give you the opportunity to meet new authors and encourage them to submit manuscripts to your publishing house, and add them to your stable of authors. Even with an increasing element of online and email communication, there’s still something very human about seeing someone face to face.
  • The Meet will give you access to readers so you can speak directly to your customers and find out what sort of books they’re looking to read next.
  • In a world dominated by online interactions, the Meet will give your publishing house the powerful opportunity to represent your organisation over others face to face.
  • You will be able to sell books to readers, in conjunction with the author(s) who publish with you, if you encourage them to attend. This is a powerful combination of personal selling and face to face interaction with the author.
  • We specialise in the GLBTQ section of all genres of the fiction market, which means authors and readers are interested in the genre of fiction you publish, reducing waste and increasing receptiveness to your presence.
  • Please use the contact form below if you are interested in a sponsorship package.